Express Door-to-Door delivery service for small parcels, documents etc : TA-Q-BIN Service


Service Guidance

TA-Q-BIN Service

TA-Q-BIN provides free re-delivery to anywhere in Singapore except no-go zones. We also and operates 365 days a year. One telephone call is all it takes to have us come and pickup your parcel at the location that you specify.
Also, we use a Real time Parcel Tracking System to manage the status of parcels during transportation.

Please call 1800-2255-888 Click here to send parcels
Please call 1800-2255-888

No Extra Charge

  •    - Time Zone Delivery
  •    - Redelivery
  •    - Change of delivery address
  •    - Night delivery till 8pm
  •    - Weekend / Public holiday delivery
  •    - Track & Trace

Parcels brought directly to TA-Q-BIN offices or agency.

Please bring your parcel to a TA-Q-BIN office or agency.

Branch Offices

Document TAQBIN

Document TAQBIN is a Simple and Convenient Delivery Service for documents and small items. Currently, this service is only available at 7-Eleven stores (except at Shell, Changi Airport, Pulau Bukom & Sentosa). Just follow the simple steps below to send items at your convenience.


[Waybill for Payment by Shipper]

Please use a ball pen to fill in the area surrounded by bold lines. Press firmly when writing.

Slip for Freight Prepaid

Freight is paid when the parcel is shipped.

Slip for Freight Prepaid

1.(Addressee)Name, Address, Phone Number, Postal Code
2.(Sender)Name, Address, Phone Number, Postal Code
3.Delivery date
4.Delivery Time Zone
Please circle the requested time slot.
Please be as descriptive as possible.
Please circle "fragile" or "perishable" for applicable item.

*Customers using the "Charge to Receiver" should fill in a Charge to Receiver Waybill.

Slip for Charge to Receiver

Freight is paid when the parcel is delivered.

Slip for Freight Collect

Payment Method

Fares can be paid in cash. However, corporate account can pay by cheque or bank transfer.

Hold Service at Offices

HOLD AND Reassign Parcels are temporarily held at the TA-Q-BIN office. Customers can collect their parcels without waiting for delivery.

*Please indicate the following information on the waybill: the name of the TA-Q-BIN office, the name and telephone number of the recipient.


Designated Date Delivery

Designated Date Delivery Delivery on Sat. delivery on sun.

Customer s can designate the date of delivery.

Customer s may even designate the delivery on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.

Perishable Item / Fragile Item

Perishable Fragile

Please inform the sales driver of Perishable / Fragile items when sending the parcel.

Side Up / Top Load Only

This side UP Top Load Only

Ensure correct placement of the parcel during transfer and delivery.

Rate & Size Chart

[TA-Q-BIN Size Chart]

(Maximum of 25 kg)

Parcel Size * Document TAQBIN








Up to 1Kg

Max 60cm

Max 80cm

Max 100cm

Max 120cm

Max 140cm

Max 160cm

Next Day Delivery Charges








Method of Measuring Size

Method of Measuring Size

[Terms of Usage]

・Size (cm) is the total of length + width + height.

・Service is not available for value exceeding S$2,000.

・*Document TAQBIN service is only available at 7-Eleven stores.

・*Document TAQBIN is only available with "Document TAQBIN"     envelope. (Please refer to Figure A.)

                                               (Figure A)




Please call 1800-2255-888 Click here to apply for pickup

Important Packing Points

Please ensure the safety of your valuable parcels before sending.

Important Packing Points

Stacked Parcels

Items for which service is not available.

Please note that service is not available for the items listed below.

Please contact our Service Centre (1800-2255-888) for further details.

  • Cash, cheque, bills, stock and other marketable securities.
  • Cards such as credit cards and ATM cards.
  • Human remains, altars, Buddhist altars.
  • Firearms, swords.
  • Pets such as dogs, cats, and small birds, etc.
  • Examination certificates, passports, and insurance documentation which cannot be reproduced.
  • Written drafts, original films, tapes and film material which cannot be reproduced.
  • Flammable, ignitable or volatile items such as fireworks, kerosene, gas cannisters, and paint thinner.
  • Poisonous or toxic substances.
  • Individual parcels with a value that exceeds S$2,000.
  • Items that exceed size specifications for TA-Q-BIN.
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